Why you should consider a second opinion for your vein treatments in Greenville

As the number of vein centers has increased, we see more and more patients who have had treatment and are now coming to see us, because they weren’t pleased with their results.  Unsuspecting patients see an ad and make an appointment, thinking that they will see a  vein specialist.  They don’t realize that the “specialist” they will be seeing is rarely a board-certified vascular surgeon or vascular interventional radiologist.  In fact, they often don’t even see a physician during their consultation.  The physician isn’t involved with the most important part of their treatment, making the proper diagnosis, and developing a personal treatment plan. Patients often never see a physician until the day of the procedure, and don’t see them after the procedure. Yet, patients are surprised to learn that they paid more, because they undergo a greater number of procedures, and still end up with inferior results.  Some of these patients have had procedures that should never have been recommended, and others have flat out undergone the wrong procedure, while still others were given unrealistic promises as to what to expect.

Patients choose to schedule a second opinion for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes they weren’t comfortable with the recommended treatment or number of procedures recommended.  Sometimes they were suspicious because they never saw a physician or that they were told they needed procedures done on the leg that does not bother them. We have heard this story time and again, and so we instituted the complimentary second opinion. We know that it’s frustrating for you to pay a lot of money, and not get the promised results.   It’s frustrating for us, because treatment of venous disease is done so poorly that it threatens our livelihood.  Medicare has threatened to restrict its coverage of venous disease, and if this happens private insurers will likely follow.  The most qualified vein specialist that you can see is a board-certified vascular surgeon or vascular interventional radiologist specializing in treatment of venous disease.  Don’t feel trapped.   If you would like to be seen by Dr. Jackson, board-certified vascular surgeon or Dr. Park, board-certified vascular interventional radiologist, specializing in the treatment of leg veins, call us for a complimentary second opinion.  Dr. Jackson or Dr. Park will evaluate your records and treatment plan and let you know if he or she concurs and what he or she might recommend differently.  If necessary, an ultrasound will be performed during your visit.

If you or someone close to you has been seen regarding treatment of leg veins, and would like to get a complimentary second opinion, bring in your ultrasound report and the proposed treatment plan.  After Dr. Jackson or Dr. Park reviews your records and examines you, he or she will render an opinion.   All of your questions and concerns will be addressed so that you feel comfortable with the proposed treatment plan.  We at Carolina Vein Care and Aesthetics want you to be confident that you are in the best hands when it comes to proper treatment for your varicose veins.